Israel's Largest Root Vegetable Producers


Hevel Maon Enterprises (HME) is a cooperative of 10 Kibbutzim (Communal Farms) in the southwest region of Israel – the Negev. It was established in 1956, permanently employs 200 people, but takes on 350 more in high season. The cooperative farms 40,000 acres of prime irrigated land and 1,000 acres of citrus orchard. Production is year round and we are amongst the largest exporters to the European market. Large state of the art automated packing facilities, each dedicated to one crop, ensure the quality that we are known for. Our regional climate and mostly sandy and loess soil is perfect for growing the produce that we expertise in. Farming in the region is quite an advanced, intensive and sophisticated operation.

Potatoes, which are the major crop in the western Negev, make up about 70% of the volume of Hevel Maon's activity.   45% of the potato production is exported to markets in Europe, with England acquiring almost half of the produce. Each of the countries Germany, Netherlands, France, Norway and Switzerland purchase between 10-15 percent of our export and the rest of the produce is marketed to  Eastern Europe and Russia. We also harvest 15,000 tons potatoes for food industries in Israel, including McDonalds 

The annual production of root vegetables marketed by the corporative reaches more than 175 thousand tons.

Potatoes are our major crop with over 125,000 tons
Carrots are our second
largest crop with approximately 38,000 ton
s – half for export.
Baby Radishes are 12,500 tons and Onions 2,500 tons.
Our Citrus groves yeild over 13,000 tons of which 25% are lemons.
We have 37,500 ton of cold storage on site.

.Our financial turnover for 2014 was $107,500,000


Israeli consumers are not as potato-savvy as their European counterparts, not very particular about the potato variety they are eating.

Hevel Maon Enterprises, understanding the potential of marketing commodities with higher quality and standards, created the brand name "Uncle Moses" in 2002. All "Uncle Moses" products undergo high quality control, mostly with optical sorting machines. Potatoes come in 3 different color consumer packages, according to recommended usage – baking, cooking and frying. "Uncle Moses" is trying to increase Israelis’ potato awareness by being the only brand which also specifies the variety on the bag. The "Uncle Moses" brand name is known not only for its potatoes but for its carrots, baby radishes and onions as well.

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